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About Us

Craft Camp, LLC is my play house, it's my vehicle to explore ways to challenge myself and learn new ways to think and create.  I love to add personal touches and change the looks in rooms as I find or finish new things.  Pictures can't show the warmth and love that have gone into the rooms.   

With 4500 finished square feet all on one level, it's easily accessible and makes moving in a breeze.  5 bedrooms with 16 twin beds makes it the ideal place for your next retreat.  Bedding and towels are provided - choose which hand sewn quilt you want to sleep under!  The full kitchen has 2 refrigerators, dishwasher, microwave, stove, coffee pots and a keurig as well as pots and pans you need to create your meals. Two fully handicapped accessible bathrooms frame one large shower suite with a chair and hand held shower head.  The four bathroom stalls have comfort level toilets.  Another bathroom  is extra private, with one toilet and shower.

With 16 large tables, power towers, ironing boards, 7 design walls, great lighting and more, we have everything you need to set up your space and work on whatever craft you choose.  

Take breaks along the way in the kitchen area or the larger seating room.  Sit (or sleep) in the recliner or kick your feet up on the couch and ottoman to watch the smart TV while you do hand work or just relax and visit.  There are idea books, reading books, card games, puzzles and workbooks for you to borrow. 

It's YOUR retreat, YOUR way. Have fun and relax or "work like it's a job".  Either way, you're sure to get a lot done.

What you do... is entirely up to you. 

Check out our calendar page for availability and upcoming events or call to inquire about pricing or even a tour. 

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